Mi Nieta Takes the Train


Once in the land of Slow Prototype Progress, there were two trains heading towards each other on the same track.  One carried buckets of paint; pinks, blues, purples, greens, and whites.  The other carried the Masters of Measure; an astute group of people who were obsessed with measurement.  These people were on their way to the next rainbow, to ensure that it was the right length, from one end of the arc to the other.

When these two trains collided, colorful globs of paint splashed onto the railroad tracks, while empty paint buckets and screaming Masters of Measure rolled down the hillside below.

Soon enough, the Masters of Measure shook themselves off, & made their way up the hill.  The crumpled trains lay askew, letting off puffs of slow, heavy steam while the train engineers exchanged insurance information.  When the Masters of Measure reached the top of the hill, they found a calamity worse than the crumpled trains, and more frustrating than impending higher train insurance! The blobs of color on the tracks were in such mis-measure, so very unequal, that the rainbow was immediately deemed the lower priority.

They got to work, making each side of the track perfectly identical.  No greens would be partnered with purple!  No blues would lay beside whites.  A measure of green on one track was perfectly matched to the same measure of green on the other.  These people did not tolerate mismatch, randomness, or disorder… and their job was done.

Stage Two of the creation of Mi Nieta looks very much like that railroad track.  Stage Two is complete!  The railroad tracks are laid!  She is beautiful, she is her own mirror image, intricately stitched & measured… but she is currently good for nothing (sorry, Nieta), as she is simply like two rails without ties.  No reasonable train could expect to securely travel along rails with no ties.  And just as it wouldn’t suffice for a train, nor would it suffice for my future knitters.

Stage *Three* is creating the ties.   More to come!


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