Rip Van Winkle: My Sleeping Patent Awakens!

Every patent starts with a seed; an Idea.  It’s very fitting, therefore, that my patent was crafted by the lawyers at Seed Law Group.


The seed then becomes a flower; a written document, with beautiful, detailed drawings.

rose newspaper

Then it waits.  Many moons pass, & many suns as well.  Many months pass, and a few years, too.

The excitement of the new bloom fades behind the grind of eight-to-five, dirty dishes, & daycare bills.  It even fades under the warm wash of daily joy, and the anticipation of, & acquiring of, other happiness.  Like the bright sun wilting a beautiful rose.


rip_van_winkle_by_biffno-d32avcyYou remember that your patent lawyers told you it would be a long wait, but you begin to wonder.  Has it been published already & I just don’t know about it?  Maybe my lawyers’ e-mail notification went to my Spam folder?  Should I call them?  Your patent is, (to switch analogies), like Rip Van Winkle.  Asleep inside a box of hundreds of other patent applications, in a grey and quiet basement.  Or silent somewhere in a drawer of files.  Maybe it’s even under a large pile in an Examiner’s in-bin.

And then!  Just when you think you’ve been forgotten, an e-mail emerges from out of the long silence!  “We remember that you exist!  Someone has actually read your patent, and even made comments on it!”  Rip Van Winkle awakens from his 20-year nap (or in this case, his 3 year nap)!

Good morning and happy day to you, Rip!  Thank youIrvington_statue_of_Rip_van_Winkle for opening your eyes!

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from my patent lawyer.  My patent is being reviewed, at long last!  The Examiner has contacted us with his comments, and is waiting for our response.  After our response (due within a month), my lawyer estimates that the final, approved patent may be published in 3-4 months.

For your daily smile, here is a cartoon about someone else’s knitting invention;


From “It Itches,” by Franklin Habit 2008,



So while the Examiner works on straightening the edges, ironing the wrinkles, & finally tying together the loose ends of my patent in some far-away office, I will continue to sit on my couch, and knit the next prototype.   Unlike the long-dormant patent, and unlike Rip Van Winkle, & the wilting rose, my yarn has not waned.  These three years (and for many years before), yarn has been alive & active between my fingers; My fingers, sometimes willingly & sometimes not, have been like a spinning wheel that never sleeps, with yarn constantly going through its orifice.  One day my yarn will be accepted by some creative yarn company… and my belief in it will never sleep, and will never fade.

If you are a yarn manufacturer & are interested in learning more about my yarn, feel free to contact me at



  1. We believe in you! Congratulations on the pending patent, no longer being a patent pending. What a nice Christmas gift that will be!
    Love M&M


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