Forgotten Treasure: The Prototype in the Storage Unit

DSC_0004 bordered

I can be a bit of a hoarder… with yarn, especially.  But with other things, too.  I blame Creativity.  I can imagine uses for items which others would find useless.  So I keep them.

One of the treasures which waits for me in the forgotten darkness of my storage unit, month after month, is a very nice wicker basket, which I very much wanted to be part of my wedding.  It was meant to hold costumes which the kids could try on, followed by silly pictures & lifelong memories.  This poor wicker basket never got to fulfill this joyful purpose, as it ended up being used to transport decorations, & was then forgotten in the dressing room during the flurry of loveliness which was going on outside.

But the wicker basket did make it into this photo, as a background to something I also found in my storage unit, on the same day that I saved it from the dark oblivion of forgotten-ness.


Behold Hundreds of Hours Sitting on the Floor with Super Glue.  Or, if that name isn’t chic enough, we can just call it Nareya Yarn Mosaic’s Double-Sided Pom Pom Yarn.  Note the flower image on one side, & the geometric blue square, more abstract image on the opposite side.





My yarn works in the same way as:

Red Heart Yarn: Pomp-A-Doodle Yarn

Red Heart Yarn: Spark-A-Doodle Yarn

Loops & Threads: Pom-Pom Yarn

Mondial: Frivola Lux Pom Pom Yarn

Sundance: Shaggy Pom Pom Eyelash Yarn

Sensations: Lovebug Yarn

Bernat: Baby Pom Pom Yarn

Bernat: Puff Ball Holidays Christmas Yarn

Scheepjes: Aspen Mulled Cider Pink Brown Tufted PomPom Yarn

…and many many other brands.

Here’s a video which shows how to knit with pom-pom yarn:

How to Knit Pom Pom Yarn

Like most pom-pom yarns, there are two knit stitches between each pom-pom.


The only *difference* between all of these pom-pom yarns and Nareya Yarn Mosaic Double-Sided Pom Pom Yarn, is that mine creates a specific image.  Each pom pom is colored in such a way that it will create this image.

DSC_0010 altered

DSC_0009 altered



Now that I’ve found this little hidden Lovely, it’s time to send her to some companies & cross my fingers for a contract!


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